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We have returned. Welcome to our Web site.
Take a look around... Lots of good things here!

365 days later and we're back. Can you believe that? It's been an amazing, terrifying, exhausting year...

The countries we visited are represented by the above flags. You can click a flag to view our pictures for that country.

What are we doing now? Phil is back at his old job, Dan has found a new one. The summer, and respectability, beckons.

Contents: Route Map - comprehensive details of where we went
Flight Details - a list of the flights we took
Who We Are - personal details
New: One Last Look - a few more pics
Composite Photos - for a fuller picture
Travels in Hyper Reality - experiments in photo-editing software
Animal House - photos of wildlife we encountered
Sunset Gallery - featuring only the very best sunsets 
Extreme Gallery - the mad things we did 
The Best - a selection of our favourite photos
Phil's Group Emails
Extra stuff: Contact Us
Last updated: 29/08/05
In: Little Venice, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe

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