D&G Wedding

Our favourite pictures from the wedding can be viewed in the slideshows below. These pictures have been selected by us from the thousand or so taken by our wedding photographer.

We’ve divided the pictures into nine categories. Just select a category from the list below to open a Flickr slideshow.

If you’d like full-size copies of any of the pictures, please let us know and we will email them to you. If you want to browse a more conventional list of pictures, yo can visit my Flickr page:



Using Flickr slideshows

The slideshow will begin playing automatically when you click any of the categories listed above. To pause or resume the slideshow, click the button in the bottom left corner of the slideshow box. Use the left or right arrows on the edges of the slideshow box (or the arrow keys) to navigate between pictures.

To view the slideshow in fullscreen mode, click the button in the bottom right corner of the slideshow box (the one with four expanding arrows on it).


In fullscreen mode you can alter the speed of the slideshow, or increase or decrease the size of the images displayed. To do so, click Options in the top right corner.


About our photographer

Mark Robinson’s web site can be found here:


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