Monthly Archive for September, 2007

Grania: First Blog post!

Don’t worry we won’t be doing a daily journal but these first few days are going to be when we are going to be full of things to share. They might become mundane after a while so we can look back at this and laugh!

The people who are with us all seem very nice, a mixture of ages and experience – there’s a couple who are on their 4th go with VSO!

We are staying in a training complex just outside Kampala, its set on a hill in lovely grounds. There are flushing loos and electricity so its easing us in gently (although we do aim to have these 2 things for as long as possible!). Thankfully they took one look at our bedraggled group and have given us the weekend off to settle in.

We have crashed for most of the day which has been great as its the first time in ages that we haven’t had anything to do and nothing to fret about. I finally started doing some of the huge pile of reading about my job here and admiring the wildlife all around. While sitting out doing my reading I was being watched by a black and white hornbill with his big white hairy trousers and funny big beak. Just as I commented to one of the girls here how cute he was, he suddenly pounced on a nest of chicks, threw two of them out of the tree and proceeded to kill them both right in front of us! It is definitely NOT Crouch Hill!!

As well as the killer birds (he proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon devouring the 2 chicks – blood, feathers everywhere) the other wild life has been the troupe of monkeys playing in the trees and a full symphony of insects at sunset, all in all a pretty good start.